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How to Find a Suitable Website Hosting Plan

Finding a right website hosting company can be a very daunting process specially if you are new to web hosting. There are lots of terms in web hosting like shared hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers, WordPress managed hosting, cloud hosting, etc. If you are not tech savvy, this can be really confusing at the beginning. I have also faced this situation when I purchase my hosting account few years ago. I didn’t even know the meaning of those terms back then. So, in this post I’m gonna explain those topics as simple as possible so everyone can understand. At the end of this post, you’ll understand those topics clearly and you’ll be able to choose a right web hosting type that fit to your business website or blog.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting type available. Basically it’s means you get a web server (web server is computer which runs 24/7) for monthly or annual rent, which you’ll share with other people on the same server. Shared hosting is used by most of the individuals, small and medium type business. So, if you are individual who looking start a blog or a small business owner, then the shared hosting is the best option. Because you can get shared hosting account for cheaper price than the other types of hosting accounts.

Top 10 Shared Hosting Providers

What is VPS Hosting?

With a VPS server you’ll get more server resources (processing power, RAM) than a shared hosting account. Still you are sharing the same physical server with other people but you getting your own virtual machine of the server. Which means you can install your own operating system for example Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. and applications. Overall you’ll have more server resources and more control over your server than shared hosting. VPS hosting available as Managed VPS and Un-managed VPS.

  • Managed VPS
    Managed VPS is suitable for both non-tech and tech savvy people since the hosting provider is taking care of the technical stuff. which means your provider is responsible for managing the server including server upgrades and other configurations. but if you still want to play with the server yourself like me :), you still have the full control over your server. Managed VPS cost little more than an Un-managed VPS.
  • Un-managed VPS
    Un-managed VPS means, you only get the server and you’ll have power on and configure it yourself. So, this type of hosting is only suitable for people who have server administration skills. So, If you are a not-tech person and you wants a VPS server, Managed VPS is the best option for you. Currently I’m on a A2 Hosting Un-managed VPS server with Ubuntu 16.04 and vestaCP.

Dedicated Sever

With a dedicated server, you’ll get your own server and not shared with anyone else. Dedicated server is suitable if you have a site with massive amount of hits per day. Dedicated server is cost more than shared and VPS hosting. Dedicated servers also come with both managed and un-managed.

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